To the Taj Mahal

My trip report to Agra: This time I splurged, rather than taking the train and all that, I chose to rent a car and driver for the 400km round trip. While Agra has the Taj and some other interesting places, the guides are a massive pain in the ass. But more on that later. Yesterday's … Continue reading To the Taj Mahal

Mark hones his negotiation skills!

In the next entry, I will tell you of my visit to Agra, and the Taj Mahal (The building, not the famous Blues musician). That entry also includes my proposal for thinning out the population very aggressive self appointed "tourist guides" But first: Mark hones his negotiation skills! Ah, the auto-rickshaw. I love them and … Continue reading Mark hones his negotiation skills!

Thoughts on Varanassi

Varanasi: most holy city in India, seat of learning, and also where people prey the most on the average traveler. It is amazing how many travelers have stories about this, it is almost a rite of passage. It sort of tells everyone: "Ah, he has been bloodied in battle, now you are really ready for … Continue reading Thoughts on Varanassi

Train to Varanassi

Train travel in India is without exception the best way to see India. From the trains of India you can touch almost every aspect of Indian culture. The food, wonderful conversations with your seat mates, ample opportunity to see different landscapes and the chance to experience a bureaucracy that would chill the blood of an … Continue reading Train to Varanassi

Trekking in Nepal, Adventures in Altitude Sickness!

I left Delhi and headed East to Maneybhanjang, a smallish village near the Nepal-India border of West Bengal. I spent two nights on the train from Delhi to NJP station (Siliguri for all intents and purposes), and then a taxi another 80km or so. That drive in itself was interesting, stopping for lunch, avoiding monkeys … Continue reading Trekking in Nepal, Adventures in Altitude Sickness!

A Trip to India – Introduction

My decision to go to India on vacation was based on a deeply held personal belief: if you are going to use your frequent flyers miles, choose a destination that would otherwise be blasted expensive. Ticketing agents tend to be somewhat taken aback by this level of flexibility. Apparently, other travelers generally call airline ticket … Continue reading A Trip to India – Introduction