The New Atheists invent hell

This month in Wired there is an article called “The Church of The Non-Believers.” Written by Gary Wolf, he seeks out the people he believes are making the most cogent arguments for atheism. He speaks with people such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett. Unfortunately it is a piece that speaks more too bigotry … Continue reading The New Atheists invent hell

The new dawn of armchair anthropology!

Well, this is not armchair anthropology, but there are so many good reasons to watch / listen to these programs I have to listen to them. They are all a wonderful mix of satire, social commentary, fact, fiction and the occasional fiasco.

Innovation as a result vs. innovation as a practice.

Before talking about an innovative outcome, companies would be better served understanding and building a robust Practice of Innovation: the art and science of unraveling knotty problems in a way that reveals underlying need and refrains in a unique and robust way that guides and inspires long-term strategic development.

Is your innovation Guru a teacher?

The innovation business is full of gurus: people that companies hire believing that they have some special source of knowledge that they simply don't have.