Memories of Tech Support

This is a video that has been making the rounds for a bit, and it is still fun. I put myself through school as a tech support person and the only flaw in this depiction is the tech support fellow does not appear to be pulling his own hair out by the roots.

I will admit it, I have zero tolerance for poor phone support (Are you listening Sprint?). Call center turnover is generally high and for good reason, no one ever calls up to say “Hey, I just want to let you know everything’s going A-OK over here. It’s all good and working fine.” People call because they are working on something NOW and it needs to be fixed NOW. Most call center people aren’t very skilled because they have a script they follow for your problem, and if your problem does not follow that script, they are as lost as you are. Support comes in levels and generally its not until you get elevated a couple of levels that you will get to someone that actually as technical expertise and is genuinely interested in your problem.

Sprint may have the worst customer support in the history of the known world. I suspect the complaints department at Alcatraz was more responsive. Its fairly apparent the Sprint approach is two-fold:
one – get them off the phone as quickly as possible and however that happens is fair game
two – no matter what happens the problem is because the customer is in a rare dead zone / indoors / moon is in the wrong phase. But in no case is the phone, network, Sprint, its subsidiaries, employees or any resemblance to real tech support living or dead part of the problem.

Here is a favorite case from when I bought the Treo 600. I got very spotty reception and a friend and I would be standing next to each other and his was find and I could not get a signal. In multiple calls to phone support I was told:
Sprint: “Oh, you were standing next to each other? You can’t get a signal because you canceled each other out.”

Or my personal favorite:
Sprint: “You see those little bars to the side on the top?”
Mark: “yes, I do. All the bars are showing..”
Sprint: “OH, that’s your problem. See those little bars tell you how busy the network is. If you see all of them, the network is really busy and that’s why you can’t make you call.”
Mark: “………..”

In an effort to keep this blog PG-13, I can’t detail my response.