Visualization for anthropologists 401

I am always interested in examples of visualization because while it’s a wonderful way to communicate insights to people, its rarely utilized by anthropologists. We are a wordy bunch and in the culture of anthropologists countless pages of jargon are held in far higher regard than an elegant illustration. viz.jpg To address this weakness in our profession, I share with you the Periodic Table Of Visualization Methods from Roll over the various “elements” and you get a pop-up of an example of that method. From the site description about "The e-learning course will be used as an online leveling course as well as a blended skill-building course for students of fourteen different university courses in four universities (for more than 500 students). These courses require advanced analytical and conceptual visualization skills in order to transform abstract thought efficiently into graphic, tangible forms and to manage the topic complexity and the problems addressed in each class." Just a wee bit of inspiration for the morning.