Two online statistics resources and

swivel.jpg I’m a bit of a data fiend so I’m always seeking out websites that give access to statistics in immediately useful ways. I recently came across, which is billed as the YouTube for data. The website has tools that allow you to upload statistics from public domain sources, and then they are publicly displayed for other people to see, comment on, and compare against other data sets that have been uploaded to the site. An interesting feature is the ability to put data directly into Google spreadsheets, and then upload directly from Google spreadsheets to Of course since this is a community statistics effort, the quality of the data and the output relies on the density of people participating.

nationmaster2.jpg The other one is the poorly named statistics site. The name is somewhat ironic when you realize that their initial and primary data set comes from the CIA world factbook. However, Dr. Evil overtones aside. It really is a wealth of statistics on a wide variety of topics, from agriculture to lifestyles. You can get raw data, you can create comparisons, and it will generate graphs to make the data a little easier to digest.