I got fifty bucks that says my day started differently than yours did…

It started pretty simple. I was driving to Palo Alto to work with another agency on a project, and when got off hwy 84 on to El Camino Real things got… odd.

I don’t why she was nude. I don’t know why she seemed to be running errands on El Camino Real at 9:15am. I most certainly do not know why she was compelled to combine nude with running errands, but apparently that seemed to be the rule of the day. She wasn’t running, was not waving her arms to call attention to herself. Just sauntering down the sidewalk past the shops headed someplace.

But it left me perplexed on several counts. Of course, that larger question “WHY?” does not escape me, but there are more subtle ones.
1) When I say nude, I mean nude… no glasses, no sneakers, socks, flip-flops, nothing. Just strolling barefoot down the sidewalk like it was a local nude beach. I don’t know where you live, but where I live, the sidewalks are certainly not barefoot friendly. Wasn’t she worried about things like broken glass and stuff? Her tetanus shots must have been fully up to date.
2) Was it some form of protest? PETA gone (even more) insane? To discourage the use of fur, forgo clothes entirely because its really all just a slippery slope?
3) If she was running errands… where was she keeping her ATM card, much less cash. She was on foot and didn’t seem to have keys or cash, so a cab or bus seemed to be out of the question.
4) No keys… maybe she was locked out. You know, slipped out to get the morning paper and the door locked behind her. But, it seemed a long walk just to get to the locksmith.

It was, odd…..

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  1. No person needs any reason to walk around naked. All experiences are authentic, even if they have no objectively perceivable reason, even if they might lead to uncomfortable consequences or situations, even if another’s actions are confusing or offensive to others.

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