Quick what do you think of when I say “Sloan Valve Company”?

This is not a trick question, just my very unscientific survey of passive brand persistence:

Please put your answers in the comments
No Googling! Lets just see what comes up as a top of mind response
If you want to add the information, age and gender could be interesting.

7 thoughts on “Quick what do you think of when I say “Sloan Valve Company”?

  1. I thought: Wait a minute? Did he mean S-Loan Valve Company? What is an S loan anyway? No, that must not be what he meant. Um…. nope….. still drawing a blank! I can think of nothing else… except the 19th century… it sounds very 19th century… like the name of a factory you’d dig up on the outskirts of St. Louis…

  2. It is right under my nose about 4 times every day. Not suprised that the women aren’t sure, as it is on a Urninal. They must own the market, I have never seen a urinal without one.

  3. Flag on the play Kirk! Your IP address is from Sloan Valve company :). But yes, thats the reason for the question. How many men connect the Sloan name with XXXXX… A brand many of us read multiple times a day. How many people connect the brand passively back to a regular occurrence.

  4. Hello Sloan! I received a nice e-mail this morning from Graham C. Allen, his family owns Sloan Valve Company. We are also getting quite a few hits from people at Sloan, so thank you for reading.


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