Welcome new Ethnography.com blogger, Tony Waters

Tony Waters has just uploaded his first blog post to Ethnography.com, “Is There A Point To Learning Another Language?” Check it out. Tony comes to us from the Sociology department at California State University at Chico where he is a professor, though he is currently teaching in Germany. His books include: Bureaucratizing the Good Samaritan (2001), The Persistence of Subsistence Agriculture: Life Beneath of the Marketplace (2007), When Killing is a Crime (2007)

Welcome Tony!

One thought on “Welcome new Ethnography.com blogger, Tony Waters

  1. Hi Mark:
    Thanks for the welcome, and also the plug for my books. To fill you in a bit more on my background…
    I have taught at Chico State since 1996. I am currently on leave from Chico for one year, and teaching in the Department of Communication and Cultural Management at Zeppelin University in southern Germany. Zeppelin is a new private university (four years old) seeking to create a name for training entrepreneurs, and cultural management.
    In the past, my main interests have been international development and refugees in Thailand, Tanzania, and California. This reflects a former career in the Peace Corps (Thailand), and refugee camps (Thailand and Tanzania). Future blogs will probably reflect this, as well as my experiences here at Zeppelin U.
    As for the name Zeppelin…this seems to be an intersting phenomenon in itself. American comments tend to run along the lines of “you mean like Led Zeppelin?” and why would someone name a university after that thing that burned seventy years ago. British attitudes are typically of surprise that someone would name a university after those things that bombed London in the First World War. For Germans, it is a name of a big aerospace company, the German duke who invented the blimp, and the thing you can even today go for a ride in over Lake Constance.
    Anyway, that’s it for now. I will come up with something else in a week or two.

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