On The Road Again

Marks CarHello from a random TA truckstop along I-10 in Arizona.  I spent 10 years of my life criss-crossing the country as a performer and I have to say I have a major soft spot for a good truck stop.  I have eaten in them, showered there, caught up on the news, and spent many, many nights sleeping in my car at them.  TA, 76, Pilot, Flying J, these will be familiar names to any of the over the roaders.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I left Jump Associates for a new adventurre.  Right now the current adventure is just driving my humble little Solstice across the country.  Thats not a major adventure really.  You pretty much take I-10 until you fall of the other side of Florida.  In the mean time I am taking random geotagged photos of my trip you can you keep track.  If you want to play “Where’s Mark?” just go to my Flickr map, or just look for the Mark’s Map link in the upper right corner.

And people say that stalking me is hard…

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