Sour Grapes and Fake Names

Last week, Mike responded to one of my postings about the difference between the quality of education at Chico and Berkeley with a two word response: “sour grapes.” Presumably, this is because he does not agree with me that Chico has higher quality undergraduate programs than Chico State. Maybe, it is because he went to Berkeley, I don’t know. Anyway, I would hope to have a good discussion on-line or by email about why he disagreed with me.

Anyway, I tried to respond by email to Mike, but it turns out that he faked an email address when posting to I do not mind people using pseudonyms in order to post, and I do not mind vigorous disagreement, particularly when it is backed up with data, logic, and reasoning. But people who do so should have the courtesy to include real contact info. So, Mike, or Tim, or whatever your name is, how about it? Why exactly do you think it is “sour grapes” for someone from Chico State to criticize the quality of undergraduate education at UC Berkeley?