Cindy’s Top Ten Things Anthropologists Should NOT Do When They Are Drunk

10. Operate heavy machinery (for those of you who are looking for a loophole – this not only includes pick-up trucks, but also flot machines, all remote sensing equipment, AND tape recorders)

9. Call your ex and read your CV over the phone

8. Pinch the silver-back male while he’s sleeping just to see what happens

7. Head back to the site to finish that delicate burial excavation while you’ve “never felt better”

6. Take the hominin ancestor skulls out for a good old-fashioned game of bocce

5. Find out if you really can calibrate those radiocarbon dates in your sleep

4. Tell students fieldschool stories (I’m sorry, but you know it’s true)

3. Send crazed email to complete strangers whose research totally bugs you

2. Anything involving the words Dean, Provost, President, Chancellor, CEO, Principal Investigator, OR minor

1. Call your informants and tell them what you really think of their mother (or sister, father, cousin, puberty customs, cuisine, etc.)

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    Beautiful! I’ve reposted this to the facebook group, Anthropology + Good Looks = A Deadly Combination, with a linkback.

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