Ok, this is just for amusement, and pretty good at that.

Most people reading this blog will be unaware of my past as a European style clown, street performer, juggler, musician and well… all the odd eclectic things you learn on the road over about a decade of wandering. Without those years I would not have the thought process I have today, one that I like than you kindly. I still love it when I see something new, that I have not seen before. Thanks to another old friend on facebook, I bring you Peruvian mime, Hugo Suarez.
I don’t know the Title

The ethnography of a stroke

I first heard of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor during an interview on Fresh Air, it is a great conversation (Listen to the interview, not just the text, it is more in depth than the TED talk you see here). Thanks to my friend Mariflora for bringing the TED link to my attention. How often do we get the emic on such a matter? Well worth watching and forming your own ideas from.

Her very interesting TED talk: