Constitutional Amendments Or Doing Stuff?

Three organizations I am a part of are now going through the process of “constitutional revisions.”  These include the local water association, the Sociology Department, and the California Sociological Association.  Actually the water association is not going through revisions, but last night one of the new members actually found a copy of  “The Constitution,” and sent an email noting that we no longer follow the rules, mainly because we never get a quorum.  For that matter, here in the State of California, there is a call for a Constitutional Convention, too.  All of Europe is undergoing changes to their Constitution, as well.  

       Are Constitutions ever completed and then never (or rarely) changed?  The word implies that they should be, but as far as I can tell, this rarely happens, except maybe in the US Constitution which we hire Constitutional Lawyers and Judges to gues at its meaning.  We humans do though seem to have a fascination with tweaking the rules for doing whatever stuff our organization was designed to do, rather than the actual “stuff.”