New Magazine of Current Events, with an International Bent: Current

Mike Innes, who has written books and articles about security issues, and worked in places including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Belgium, and Kosovo.  He alsoworked for NATO for seven years, and his written books, chapters and articles about strategic defense issues.  But now, he is also the founding editor of a new magazine, Current Intelligence, at Current Intelligence is a magazine of current events, broadly put.  Updates will be daily, but also grouped into monthly electronic issues.  A quarterly copy published the old fashioned way on paper.

Mike has a strong background in security and foreign affairs, so I suspect that the first issues will reflect this tendency a bit.  But he is also recruiting others from outside these fields—the magazine will cover general issues of society, politics, and culture.  For example, I have contributed an article in “The Agenda” section of the magazine “Bright Lights, Big City: Crime, Immigration, and The Modern City.”  I expect to see writing from a broad range of academic fields dealing with international issues in coming issues.  All of course are welcome to make comments on the articles posted.  Certainly, there is plenty for anyone with a cultural anthropological bent!

The writing so far is sharp and crisp.  Discussion is about many regions of the world, including so far the Canadian Arctic, the AfPak theater of war, Uzbekistan, and the challenges NATO faces.  The first issue (March 2010) is now complete, and postings have begun for the second issue (April 2010).