Opportunity to participate in the discussion on the new AAA code of ethics

For those of you that are AAA members, or participate in those conversations:

The AAA is posting proposed rewrites to the Code of Ethics, section by section, to their blog for discussion and comment. The first topic being hashed out is “Do no harm.” If you want to observe or participate, click on over to http://blog.aaanet.org/ethics-task-force/

2 thoughts on “Opportunity to participate in the discussion on the new AAA code of ethics

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    I hope that you will be in a position to participate in this discussion! I might, even though I’m not a member of the AAA. As I’ve written here before, I think that discussions about ethics are an important. But I am wary when professinal organizations sta part of any education.
    But I am wary when a professional organization like the AAA tries to assert a special right to police a discipline. Often it is embedded in an attempt to develop a right to certify practitioners, and assume a gate keeper role for a profession. I find the courts, universities, and others in a much better position to do adminster this type of discipline. Tony

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