sold to FOX News Corp for $123.6 million as part of new media strategy.

1 APRIL 2011 (Variety Newswire) NEW YORK – FOX News Corp and has announced the acquisition of by the conservative news network for $123.6 million dollars in cash and stock.  According to the agreement jointly released by Fox and, the network assumes all rights to the domain, the content of the website and the copyrights to the phrases “ethnography” and “”  The current authors of will join a number of popular FOX news hosts to contribute a social and cultural context to reporting; ranging from American eating habits to explaining how the cultural factors of “President” Obama’s birth in Indonesia affects how he rules US citizens.  “This is an exciting, but perfectly natural acquisition for us,” stated Montgomery Brens, VP of New Media for FOX. “Providing Fair and Balanced reporting about the Left-Wing assault on American values is our core mission, and’s unique expertise supports that.”  Variety attempted to contact Mark Dawson, the founder and chief editor of, at his home, but was informed by his secretary that “Mr. Dawson can’t come to the phone; he is busy rolling around naked in a bathtub full of $100 bills.” released the following written statement. “It is with great pride that we join the Fox Family.  We look forward to supporting their on-going commitment to fact-based new reporting.  Mostly though, we are looking forward to hitting the beach bars in St. Barts and making drunken fifthly-rich asses of ourselves.”

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