Happy #anthrovalentineS Day

I will leave it to the historians of wikipedia to sort out the history of Valentine’s Day. And I will leave the critique to the Huffington Post .

Today I want to publicly thank @DonnaLanclos , an anthropologist who works in a library, for storifying the results of the twitter hashtag #anthrovalentines .

My favorite tweet, and a savvy nod to the intersection of public and private interest in fieldwork, is this one:

@EthnoGraffiti  I would do anything for love, but I won’t do multi-sited ethnography #anthrovalentines

And thank you everyone who contributed to the hashtag. I LOL’ed.

5 thoughts on “Happy #anthrovalentineS Day

  1. Mark, thanks so much. I am NOT a librarian. Just needed to make that clear. I work with wonderful librarians, and I am definitely an anthropologist through and through. That’s why I can write such great #anthrovalentines. :)

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