Teach Like You Do in America!

“Teach like you do in America!” is the default instruction I receive when teaching overseas. I have heard it in Germany, Tanzania, and last summer in China. It is the default instruction by my hosts who assume that university classes are “about the same” everywhere in a globalizing world. What can I say? It ain’t completely true, and I wrote 4,000+ words to make this point in Palgrave Communications, a new Open Source journal. The article is “Teach Like You Do in America—Personal Observations from Germany and Tanzania is here.  What can I say about the conclusion?  Well, when I tried teaching like I do in America in Germany and Tanzania, it didn’t work very well.  Turns out that higher education is not quite as globalized as some assume.  But to find out more you will need to read the article.

I will be posting more about this subject in future weeks here at Ethnography.com