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While any author will agree that his/her opinions are shared by all right-thinking people, all opinions are the authors’ own, and not representative of, or their respective places of employment. On the other hand, if more people would just back off and agree with our ideas, the world would be a better place and all known human ills would be eradicated. Or at least, that’s what our preliminary research indicates. is a non-profit website.

Heartbreakingly, soul-crushingly non-profit. All expenses are covered by the editors, and we live like 4th century monks on suppers of beans and gristle. This site hasn’t broken US$100 in total in all the time it’s been running. It’s not like we are trying to make you feel bad… come to think of it, we are.

If you want to cite us in papers or link to us, please feel free.

Go to the Yale University page to learn how to cite blogs as an example. The page shows examples of MLA, APA and Chicago styles for citing blogs in an academic paper. If you are linking to us in a webpage, it is fine to just credit the author and embed a link back to the article. Here is an example of how to cite an entry in an academic paper:

Waters, T. (2008, April 4). The Battle for Kosovo on the Internet.
Retrieved April 11, 2008, from

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