Call for Papers: SfAA Seattle 2010

Call for papers: Society for Applied Anthropology Meetings, Seattle, WA, March 29-April 2, 2011 Roundtable discussion Anthropology in a Box:  Extending the Reach of Anthropology in Institutional Settings Libraries, hospitals, schools, businesses, and the military; these are all institutions that can inspire and require novel anthropological approaches, both theoretical and methodological. These kinds of spaces … Continue reading Call for Papers: SfAA Seattle 2010

PhD, or not PhD

A column in The Chronicle of Higher Education, as pointed to by my friend Matt Bandy, has an interesting take on the essentialness (or lack thereof) of a Ph.D.  The column is specific to the humanities, but is easily transferable to the social sciences, and I think most particularly, to Anthropology.  Matt makes his points … Continue reading PhD, or not PhD

Mark said we’re not blogging about HTS anymore

but I thought this was a good story, not specifically about HTS, but about one anthropologist's work with the military, as a professor at the Marine Corps University at Quantico. Not surprisingly, I agree with the points she makes about grey areas, and about how each anthropologist needs to "draw their own line."

Good Company

Well the historic First Dinner of (some of the) bloggers has come and gone, and a good time was indeed had.  Much of the conversation was about (surprise!) anthropology and anthropologists, and during that evening I was reminded of a theory of subfields and personality that I formed early in my graduate career. It … Continue reading Good Company

Anthropologists don’t do anyone a favor by taking their ball and going home.

I keep turning over in my head some of the issues that are troubling the AAA these days, in particular the Human Terrain Systems project, and the question of AAA's (and the anthropologists within the organization's) stance on it. (and there is more in the current Anthropology News) I get, I really do, the suspicion … Continue reading Anthropologists don’t do anyone a favor by taking their ball and going home.