What does a Chicken, Drums, Whiskey, Gossip, and International Diplomacy have in common?

With the Ethnography.com website's updated 'modern' look and my 'mysterious' long-term disappearance from America, you may be wondering about the site's header photos, and what the heck is going on over here?  Maybe call this 'flash ethnography' mixed with ethnographic photography. Here are five short stories... ^ THIS IS THE CHURCH COURTYARD at the ethnographer's … Continue reading What does a Chicken, Drums, Whiskey, Gossip, and International Diplomacy have in common?

That Sinking Feeling: Polar Bear Environmental Art

By: Michael Engelhard If art’s mission is to change public perceptions or to transcend established practices, it can no longer be apolitical, unaware of social or economic currents. The creators of an exhibit that examines the “cultural afterlife” of taxidermised polar bears (nanoq: flat out and bluesome, by Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir and Mark Wilson) sum up a … Continue reading That Sinking Feeling: Polar Bear Environmental Art

Searching for Answers: Retracing a Hmong Heritage

Today's post comes from Guest Ethnographer Dee Thao. This is a beautiful and honest film Dee directed and edited about her search for information and connection to her Hmong heritage and identity. Her "advisor extraordinaire" (and co-star) on this project was ethnography.com's Tony Waters. Dee Thao is a documentarian based out of northern California. Click … Continue reading Searching for Answers: Retracing a Hmong Heritage

If These Halls Could Talk

In spring 2010 director Lee Mun Wah asked me to co-facilitate a documentary he was shooting that summer titled, If These Halls Could Talk. I remember the day well, it was spring break and I was at home, a tired teacher sitting in the sun outside when the phone rang. I was a fan of Mun Wah's … Continue reading If These Halls Could Talk

La Crueldad del Hombre

Is art ethnographic? Art and visual representation cut across the disciplines but is especially suited for sociological and anthropological inquiry. Art tells us a story about our practices and beliefs and we find ourselves in what we and others create. It also reflects us back to ourselves, sometimes we like it but if it's really good, … Continue reading La Crueldad del Hombre

Dollhouses of Doom

    Happy Halloween from ethnography.com! Nothing says Halloween like this series of photos featuring post-apocalyptic dioramas by photographer Lori Nix. My favorites are the library (of course) and the laundromat at night.

Ordinary People Project – Roger from Yukon Territory

I met Roger, a master carver, while staying at Nugget City, Yukon. Enjoy! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRS2gfXd9MI

Robert Thomas: First Nations Carver and Dancer. Ordinary People Project

I met Robert (and his mother Florence from the previous episode) at the Lil'wat Pow-Wow in Mount Currie, BC. We talk about Carving and Dancing here. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghO_y4Hkgws

Ordinary People Project – Florence, First nations Singer, Drummer and Dancer

Interview with Florence Thomas, a First Nations singer, drummer and dancer, during the Lil'wat pow-wow in June of 2009. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XmB_VhT9Ps

Episode Three of the Ordinary People Project: Cara from Pemberton

This is Episode Three of the Ordinary people project. You can see the previous episodes here and join the OPP group on Facebook. Introducing Cara httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qy_a_EaUw0