Two Design Anthropology Phrases of Doom

In general, companies hire an anthropologist to conduct an internal or external ethnographic study for a simple reason: to uncover new ways to achieve competitive advantage. This usually like research to understanding new opportunities for products or services, or internally focused to change organizational issues, among other things. Unfortunately, our clients often have no idea … Continue reading Two Design Anthropology Phrases of Doom

Maker Faire Rocks.. again

So I've been struggling all weekend trying to think of a unique take on the Maker Faire. Frankly I've given up. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it and I think it is best to point you to this Wired article. I know it's cheap not to write my own, but frankly, … Continue reading Maker Faire Rocks.. again

“broken promise fatigue”

Well, Bruce Nussbaum has being making me think alot apparently, I posted yet another comment to his recent entry asking if CEO's have “innovation fatigue.” I think that is partly true, but I wonder if it is more about “broken promise fatigue” rather than “innovation fatigue.” Companies that you listed: the Nikes, GE’s, Apple’s of … Continue reading “broken promise fatigue”

A tip o’ the Kula Ring to Bruce Nussbaum

I got an exciting little boost today when Bruce Nussbaum, Business Week's long-time writer on innovation and design coverage, posted my entire response to his entry on “Who Is Tired of innovation?” to his blog. Thanks Bruce, my first “official” business publication. You can find it at his site under the “Clown Theory of Innovation.” … Continue reading A tip o’ the Kula Ring to Bruce Nussbaum