I finally know someone performing at the met!

Steve, an unknown woman, me and a guy I knew form EPCOT

An old performing friend of mine, Steve Russell will be making his New York City Opera debut at Lincoln Center next month. He has been cast as understudy in a production of Pagliacci with the NYC Opera. Even though he is the understudy, he will be certain to go onstage on October 11 and 19th. You never know when the other juggler/fire-eater will contract some mysterious illness…. or a mysterious illness brought on by the understudy.

This is a picture from about 198o or 81 at the International Mine and Movement festival when he and I were attending master classes with the Avner Eisnenberg. Steve is on the far left, and I am the guy 2nd from the right in the bushy hair.

Congratulations Steve!


For those of you that don’t know of my rambunctious history as a performer. I knew Steve during my 9+ years as a professional performer. I have been a juggler, fire-eater, stilt-dancer, contortionist, several Irish bands, and more and less savory skills. In fact, I learned my juggling and fire-eating from Steve! You may have seen me at festivals and theme parks, or performing on the streets of Chicago, St. Louis, NYC, D.C among others. Where ever I could drop a hat and people stopped to watch the potential of seeing a man set himself on fire. But, it was indeed a living.