Dinner for One–The World’s Most Frequently Broadcast Film!

We spent the 2nd Day of Christmas (December 26) at the home of German friends. There I was asked what I thought about the film “Dinner for One,” a film where a 90 year-old woman is served a birthday dinner by her butler. I’d never hear of it. Turns out it is an 11 minute … Continue reading Dinner for One–The World’s Most Frequently Broadcast Film!

The Verb “To Chill”

Most Americans know of the common English slang „to chill.“ It is clearly a verb, and used to describe teenagers what teenagers do when they go somewhere together. My understanding of chilling is that it is something you do with friends, it is unplanned, and you do low key sort of things like lie on … Continue reading The Verb “To Chill”

Home for the Holidays

The Arrival Scene is a trope of classic anthropological literature. In invoking the beginning of the anthropologist’s journey among a specific people, a specific landscape is invariably described. Doing so is more than an attempt to hook the reader—writing these scenes also hooks the anthropologist back into the field experience. That moment, conjured in narrative, … Continue reading Home for the Holidays

Will consult for food

I have not been posting much recently. This is because I have been laying the plans to leave my current position at Jump Associates at the end of January to start a new path far away from the business of design and strategy. I have noticed I need a radical career change every 8 to … Continue reading Will consult for food

Teaching Tales (Episode II)

That's right - I changed my unit of analysis from a "part" to an "episode." Those of you who teach, especially in the world of small, highly interactive classrooms full of undergraduates, will understand that the experience is enough like a sitcom to warrant the analogy. Today's episode took place in my senior capstone Anthropological … Continue reading Teaching Tales (Episode II)

Many Random Things on my Mind

I am intrigued by what seems to be a persistent pattern among my peers, one that seems to render them unlikely (not to say incapable) of thinking anthropologically about their own lives, and careers.  I am frustrated by the number of times I’ve had the, “go ahead and submit that article you are sitting on, … Continue reading Many Random Things on my Mind

Really Nice Strangers

      I have traveled quite a bit in the last few months.  In June I was in Thailand about ten days, and I have been living in Germany since August.  During this time, I have had the usual mix-ups that go with traveling—missing trains, wandering off in unforeseen circumstances, and just generally misplacing stuff.  Generally … Continue reading Really Nice Strangers

Well, at least the AAA meeting gave me some perspective

I didn’t say it was a happy one, but it is a perspective. Of course there were the expected strident calls of moral outrage over anthropologists in the military. Then it got worse when a voice vote was taken and passed that “no reports should be provided to sponsors [of research] that are not also … Continue reading Well, at least the AAA meeting gave me some perspective