Interdisciplinary Project Update

As I described in one of my previous blogs, I am part of an inter-disciplinary research team at Fresno State University. Our team is comprised of three computer engineering students, a business student, and myself, an anthropology student. As part of their senior project, the engineers are developing a proto-type piece of technology. Our team … Continue reading Interdisciplinary Project Update

The Ethics of Coercion

Amazon is very bad for my wallet, as I can't help buying a book with a provocative title. In this case "The Ethics of Coercion in Mass Casualty Medicine" that I happened to spot in my random browsing. It's one of those titles that seems contradictory on its face, how do coercion and medicine go … Continue reading The Ethics of Coercion

Time to back an association for the rest of us

It is clear to me that the American Anthropological Association (AAA) is rapidly becoming (already has become?) irrelevant to and un-supportive of the needs of anthropologists working in corporate, military, and other contexts where the methods are used as part of a deep, day-to-day hands-on practice. But the rift between applied and academia is an … Continue reading Time to back an association for the rest of us

Cleaning the Trash

Germany is known for its green attitude towards the environment and recycling. It is a leader in wind and solar energy, and has an excellent public transportation system which keeps many of us off the roads. There are also many recycling programs, with machines that collect recyclable bottles, and pay back deposits in many grocery … Continue reading Cleaning the Trash

The Politics of Race, American Style

As the presidential primaries roll on, I find myself increasingly contemplating the question, is the American electorate ready to elect a phenotypically black president? I want to believe that I am part of a culture that would answer, “Of course I will vote for him, if he has a sound exit strategy for Iraq, good … Continue reading The Politics of Race, American Style