Whining about Practitioners

Mark Dawson has touched on a common whine of “practitioners” about academics whose research is not “good” for anything, at least not good for anything they want. This is a common complaint in which so-called practitioners (as if academics don’t “practice” anything), who assert that if it ain’t good for achieving their policy goals they … Continue reading Whining about Practitioners

Wake Up and Smell the (Fair-trade) Coffee

While I find your particular conflation of "liberal," "Marxist," and "academic anthropologist" delightfully mid-century, (although probably going to garner you a D on the final exam), Mark, I have let it slide long enough. I've got news for you, in the United States, you ARE a left-leaning anthropologist, and there's little you can do about … Continue reading Wake Up and Smell the (Fair-trade) Coffee