Copenhagen & EPIC 2008

The end of the conference is nearing and it has been quite an interesting and educational experience for me. I even had photos to share of the workshop and venue but the free wireless access at the Copenhagen McDonald's has an upload speed that is much too slow! I arrived in Copenhagen a couple of … Continue reading Copenhagen & EPIC 2008

Goodbye Germany, Hello Chico

Last year I took a break from my regular job teaching Chico State undergraduates, and taught graduate students at a private university in Germany. Classes were tiny, students hard-working, and engaged in the esoterica of social theory. I really liked it a lot. One of my students even managed to get a book review published … Continue reading Goodbye Germany, Hello Chico

Headed to Denmark…

The EPIC conference is fast approaching and thanks in part to I’ll be on my way to Denmark at the end of next week to attend the EPIC conference at the University of Copenhagen. I am excited and nervous about the trip! It is my first time traveling to Europe and only my second … Continue reading Headed to Denmark…

A view from 2 months in Iraq with a Human Terrain Team

I have been in Iraq as an anthropologist with a Human Terrain Team for a bit over two months now. The best description is that it’s like, well everything in life. I get excited about the work, I get discouraged. I feel like I am doing things that can have long term value and I … Continue reading A view from 2 months in Iraq with a Human Terrain Team