Call for participation in AAA survey of anthropologist working outside academia

The American Anthropological Association is expanding its resources, services, and professional networks to anthropologists practicing outside academia. A key step toward achieving this goal is to conduct a survey aimed at understanding the careers of MA anthropologists. Each year there are at least 1,000 anthropology Masters degrees granted in North America . Based on anecdotal … Continue reading Call for participation in AAA survey of anthropologist working outside academia

The Problem with Valedictorians

Every May, colleges trot out their straight-A students to give valedictory speeches. These are the unusual students who made their way through a complicated system, complying with the diverse, often obscure, and even arbitrary wants of a variety of professors, without tripping or stumbling. This is a difficult task and worthy of admiration. As for … Continue reading The Problem with Valedictorians

Episode Three of the Ordinary People Project: Cara from Pemberton

This is Episode Three of the Ordinary people project. You can see the previous episodes here and join the OPP group on Facebook. Introducing Cara httpv://

Ordinary People Project – Episode Two: Dave in Pemberton

Dave is a fellow I met in a local bar in Pemberton, BC and agreed to be my first interview, its just took some time to get it together!

The Ordinary People Project – Episode One: Gord in Pemberton

This is the first episode of the Ordinary People Project, Gord from Pemberton, BC.  Thanks Good! httpv://

The Ordinary People Project

I am taking a few months off to drive to Alaska and have conversations with the random people that I meet along the way. I'm calling it The Ordinary People Project because the primary part of the fun is turning the idea of celebrity on its head. After doing a short conversation with someone, I … Continue reading The Ordinary People Project