Boldly go Towards Collaboration

Nicholas A Christakis' story in the NY Times is serious food for thought. Christakis starts "Let’s Shake Up the Social Sciences" with the following: TWENTY-FIVE years ago, when I was a graduate student, there were departments of natural science that no longer exist today. Departments of anatomy, histology, biochemistry and physiology have disappeared, replaced by … Continue reading Boldly go Towards Collaboration

Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and Get Tenure

Here is an interesting new take on the nature of the tenure track that just came out from a (former) Assistant Professor at Harvard.  In essence:  Don't worry, be happy, work smart, and its not always necessary to answer your email right away. I would appreciate this article more if the author had not gotten … Continue reading Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and Get Tenure

The Anthropology of Physicists, Geneticists, and Evolutionary Psychologists

Rex at has written a nice post "How to Explain Anthropology to a Physicist."  The explanation applies equally to evolutionary psychologists, geneticists, and others who are likely to dabble in anthropology.