Where in the world is…Marianne?

I fell off the face of Ethnography.com last Spring, the result of committing myself to completing my dissertation, teaching 5 classes, parenting, a few health issues that needed to be taken care of, and the coming summer, which was filled with lots of camping and traveling with my family. We spent nearly a month trekking all over California, finding the ocean in Fort Bragg in July, and again in San Diego in August,

To be honest, the real reason I fell off of Ethnography was I have been writing my dissertation proposal. I began from scratch in early March, and just sent the first rough draft of the first two chapters to my dissertation chair last Friday. My writing brain has been tired, burnt, overwhelmed.

But my brain is feeling rested now, or at least not as overwhelmed, and topics other than education attainment of Hmong immigrants are popping up in my thoughts, and yesterday, I wrote more sociologically on my Facebook page than I have in months, and I realized, it might be time to write again.

So, I’ll be popping in here a bit more in the next few months, hopefully regularly. But I’m teaching 5 classes again this semester, and I’ll be writing and editing my dissertation for the next year or so, and I’m still a wife and mom to two young kids, and one not-so-young kid, who still need my attention. And of course, there’s the dog, and two cats, and the fish to think about. But it’s all good, because I love writing for Ethnography, so I’ll be stopping by now and then to say hello. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my day-late, but not a dollar short, contribution for today: a musical tribute to Labor Day.