Johnny Cash on the Importance of Listening to Your Mama about Open Carry of Guns

In my Criminology class, I used to lecture about “ecological theories” of crime.  For example, the “ecology of bars” lend themselves to violence.  Basically, ecological theory says that if you put together young males, alcohol, and guns, someone is more likely to get hurt than if any one of the tree elements is removed.  Remove any one of the three, and the danger goes down. Which is why the youngest males are not allowed in bars, there are hours after which alcohol is no longer served, and you are to leave your guns outside the bar.  Anyway some really smart criminologists thought this all up in the 1970s and 1980s, and published a whole bunch of books to make this point.

On the other hand, Johnny Cash had pretty much the same thoughts in the 1950s or so, and put them to music.  Here it is: Ecology of Crime theory by the ethnographer Johnny Cash!