Interdisciplinary Project Update

As I described in one of my previous blogs, I am part of an inter-disciplinary research team at Fresno State University. Our team is comprised of three computer engineering students, a business student, and myself, an anthropology student. As part of their senior project, the engineers are developing a proto-type piece of technology. Our team … Continue reading Interdisciplinary Project Update

Inter-disciplinary Teams

            This is the first semester of the Engineering for Peoples and Markets Program at Fresno State. The program consists of two teams. Each team consists of two or three engineer majors (computer and electrical), an entrepreneurship major, and an anthropology major. The purpose of our team is to work together on the creation, design, … Continue reading Inter-disciplinary Teams

Two online statistics resources and

I'm a bit of a data fiend so I'm always seeking out websites that give access to statistics in immediately useful ways. I recently came across, which is billed as the YouTube for data. The website has tools that allow you to upload statistics from public domain sources, and then they are publicly displayed … Continue reading Two online statistics resources and

Teaching Anthropologists to count

Ok, maybe not just anthropologists, but there should be something here for about everyone. The Social Science Statistics Blog is a collective blog from the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University. They are described as a “series of hallway conversations on the site, and it is a pretty range of topics ranging from … Continue reading Teaching Anthropologists to count

What Clowning Teaches about Rapport

A clown is a poet that is also an orangutan - Attributed to various people. One key to a good ethnographic interview is the ability to gain rapport with the person you are talking to. Rapport can be a mysterious thing, you are a stranger talking to another stranger asking questions and often taking a … Continue reading What Clowning Teaches about Rapport