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If interested in exploring an alternative medium of publishing (aside from academic journals alone) for getting your experiences and work out there, the Editor and Webmaster of are searching for submissions from guest writers, and perhaps another author to join our family. is approaching another phase in its 15 year lifespan since the domain was registered. Even during periods of inactivity, the website regularly receives 100 hits per day. On good days, when an author has posted a topic of interest, visitors range 500-900 each day.

Once a guest writer has been published more than once or twice and are motivated to continue contributing regularly, we welcome them as one of the “regular” bloggers, and feature the writer with a short bio and photo. This way, they can consider as a home too, as we help encourage each other to write and continue the conversations on ethnography, anthropology and sociology through blogging.

Check out Meet the Bloggers. This is a place to tell stories that draw readers into a world different from their own. Each blog post represents the ideas of its author alone, but we feel that we share more than we disagree on, and we continue to question, what is “normal,” even in our own disciplines and societies.