A quick guide to business case studies for social scientists

projectX.jpg“Project X Challengers” is a series from Digital Manga Publishing that shows the history of the development of different breakthrough products in the distinctive manga style from Japan. Currently, there are three books in the series: “Nissin Cup Noodle”, “7-11 bring the convenience market to Japan” and “Datsun Fairlady Z (Project X 240Z Challengers)”.

You have to get used to the back to front, right to left reading convention but after that they are a wealth of information. Each book introduces you to the major players involved in the development, and focuses on them overcoming obstacles. It includes the usual comic conventions. Characters exclaim problems and new discoveries with the same bold graphic style usually reserved for when the Justice League is announcing the discovery of a new comet about to hit earth.cooked.jpg

At the end of each book, they have pictures of the actual people and process, a timeline of the development, examples of technological developments and more. They are about USD$12, and well worth it.