Welcome New Blogger, Donna Lanclos

We are just chock full of new bloggers this week. The latest addition to the ranks is Donna Lanclos. Donna currently lives in North Carolina. While she is a cultural anthropologist and folklorist by graduate training, she claims to be part archaeologist by marriage. She is the author of the book At Play in Belfast: Children’s Folklore and Identities in Northern Ireland (2003 Rutgers University Press).

Check out her first post The Sentimental Anthropologist.

Welcome, Donna!

2 thoughts on “Welcome New Blogger, Donna Lanclos

  1. Wow I was amazed to share the same name with someone else. According to my late father our name was unique and orignated in the caribbean. He alway stated that everyone with htis last name is related.. Hmmm Im starting to wonder if its relly true? Maybe only in the caribbean that might be true maybeoue name is just as popular as smith or jones.. ANyway Just wanted to say nice name…..

  2. Hey, I’m just being curious. I noticed ur last name is the same as mine. Do u have any Lanclos History, if so contact me.

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