Welcome Jennifer Jones, the first Ethnography.com grantee!

Jennifer Jones of California State University, Fresno is the first student to be awarded a travel grant to attend next years EPIC conference in Denmark. This year the grant was non-competitive and awarded by recommendation of a Fresno faculty member. It is hoped that this grant will be an annual event and be awarded on a competitive basis next year. She will also be contributing to the blog Ethnography.com, so look for a fresh new voice!

Jennifer is finishing up BA degrees in both history and Anthropology (cultural focus). After reading the Epic 2006 conference proceedings, she became interested in applied business anthropology. Currently she is involved in multiple projects including a study on downtown Fresno revitalization efforts, an entrepreneur mentorship program, and Engineering for Peoples and Markets, an inter-disciplinary team that includes students from anthropology, business, and engineering. In addition to this, she works as an office manager for a non-profit program focused on American Indian health access, education, and advocacy. Her educational goals include completing an M.B.A. and then a Ph.D. in anthropology. While her social life has become limited with all of these various projects, she enjoys discovering new music and reading about places she’d like to travel to in the future.

Graduations Jennifer!

Mark Dawson

6 thoughts on “Welcome Jennifer Jones, the first Ethnography.com grantee!

  1. Thank you! I am excited to be here and for the opportunity to contribute. The Epic conference next year will definitely be a great experience.

    With much appreciation,

  2. Jennifer, You make me Proud! Everything you do makes me be Proud to be your Mom! Congratulations! Love You Always

  3. Congrats, Jenn! I didn’t know anything about this and still am a little fuzzy….:) but I will have to check this out further. I am proud of ya, girl! You take on so much and you’re a mover’n’shaker, first class…….hehe. God bless you and I wish you all the successes in the world! Love ~ Nicole

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