Will consult for food

I have not been posting much recently. This is because I have been laying the plans to leave my current position at Jump Associates at the end of January to start a new path far away from the business of design and strategy. I have noticed I need a radical career change every 8 to 10 years. I am going to be doing a bit of independent consulting before my next gig. If I suddenly start posting a lot, you will know the independent thing is not going so well!

In the meantime, my co-editor Cindy will lead Ethnography.com to new heights (or at least more readers) in my absence. Donna, Tony and Jennifer.. write! Write like the wind!!!

2 thoughts on “Will consult for food

  1. Ditto on the good luck, Mark! But we also look forward to hearing about your future adventures with your usual sense of irony, humor and insight!

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