Of illness and Myth

Sweet mother in heaven. I have been sick as a dog for days with a cold that has been going around laying people up for one and two weeks. You know the one, you think you are getting better one day and are feeling your brains turn to mush the next.

When you have been sick for a while and stuck in bed flipping through History Channel, Discovery, TLC and National Geography channel you really start to appreciate the cottage industry of “The da Vinci Code.” You start to feel like you are the only person on earth that remembers it was a novel, as in a clever work of fiction. But alas, who am I to ruin other people’s pleasure in pseudo-science claptrap? These things have got to be pretty cheap to produce. Simply find your various authors and experts of dubious background, interview them against a black background for a couple of hours, and you have heaps of 30 second sound bites you can slap onto anything from programs on biblical scholarship to the Shroud of Turin to the Freemasons. I wish I was exaggerating, but in the last couple of days I have seen the same expert, same clothes same camera angle on three different programs with different sound bites.

Thank goodness my medication makes me sleepy