Call for participation in AAA survey of anthropologist working outside academia

The American Anthropological Association is expanding its resources, services, and professional networks to anthropologists practicing outside academia. A key step toward achieving this goal is to conduct a survey aimed at understanding the careers of MA anthropologists.

Each year there are at least 1,000 anthropology Masters degrees granted in North America . Based on anecdotal information, we know that many MAs pursue careers at the types of companies associated with AnthroDesign(editors note, this is a yahoo newsgroup). We would like to obtain better quantitative data about occupations and positions, and to receive qualitative feedback about the most useful aspects of their degree training. The AAA Committee on Practicing, Applied, and Public Interest Anthropology (CoPAPIA) has devised the survey instrument and defined the sample population as anyone who has ever received a Masters degree in any field of anthropology from a North American institution prior to 2008.

If you feel this would be an appropriate activity for you, please think of any anthropology MAs you know and forward them this message, asking them to forward it in turn to facilitate “snowball” sampling. You could also submit the request to relevant blogs, bulletin boards, list serves and other media.

The anonymous survey takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. More detailed information about the survey can be found on a CoPAPIA information web page at

Queries can be directed to

Those who wish to take the survey can go to the following URL:

Thanks very much for your consideration.

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AAA Survey Committee
Shirley J. Fiske, CoPAPIA MA Survey Chair; Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland
Linda Bennett, CoPAPIA Chair; Professor and Associate Dean, University of Memphis
Patricia Ensworth, CoPAPIA Member; Harborlight Management Services
Terry Redding, Survey Coordinator; Beta Development Associates