Reset, 2.0! Welcome Julie Garza-Withers

As promised last month, is having a reset. Not only will we post more, we will have more people doing it. Most importantly, we will have Julie Garza-Withers posting and editing to her heart’s content.


As you can see from her biography (already posted), Julie comes to us via working class rural southern California. She somehow avoided the career track at Del Taco (a California fast-food joint), or a full career waitressing at a diner, before landing in Barnes and Noble in Chico, California, where she developed further her affinity for books.


From Barnes and Noble, Julie made the short hop over to California State University, Chico, where she found her way to the Sociology Department in 1999 or so. After finishing her BA, she wandered across the hall to the Social Science Department where she earned a MA. Her Master’s work involved ethnographic work watching workplace conflict between women.


Since then, Julie has had a career in teaching sociology at Butte College, and Chico State. She continues to develop interests in the culture of the working class, and its intersections with race, gender, and other forms of social stratification, and expects to blog about such issues frequently. She was also involved in the production of the movie “If These Halls Could Talk,” by Director Lee Mun Wah, and does diversity workshops with Stir Fry Seminars.


Julie also has web-design skills, which I do not have. I have been told repeatedly that looks very 2005. This is old enough to look dorky, but not old enough to be classic. So Julie will be helping to redesign the web-site in coming weeks.


As always, we are looking for anyone interested in ethnography, anthropology, sociology, etc. If you are interested, please contact either Julie or myself!

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  1. You really have a lot of nostalgia for that childhood of yours, don’t you? Del Taco for work, and K-mart for tennis shoes!

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