Oxymorons and Tweeting

Let it be heard first on Ethnography.com! 60 years of social science research on the measure is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Ok, that’s and exaggeration, but my wife and I think that the term Socio-economic Status is a bit of an oxy-moron, at least in Max Weber’s world. How can you mix a term which is related to honor (that’s the status part), with a measure of the marketplace (that’s the economics part). Thuse the oxy-moron. Our article about this just came out at Palgrave Communications, too! Please click http://www.palgrave-journals.com/articles/palcomms20162 to read it in the wonderful world of Open Source publication.

You will also be doing us a great favor if you tweet the link to all your friends and fans. This apparently is the new metric which counts in the all-important rankings. By tweeting this article you are contributing to the oxy-moron which assumes that the quality of an article is associated with manipulable metrics. Ok, irrespective of all that, I do appreciate a great deal people reading what we wrote.