Yes, Feminism Has a Class Problem

From fieldnotes, October ninth, 2004: The Red Tent: A gathering of women According to the program, it’s time for the final event at The Red Tent, titled: “Living our wholeness” with Donna Carlson-Todd, certified life coach. Before us is a petite blond woman in her fifties who is passing out business cards and telling us … Continue reading Yes, Feminism Has a Class Problem

Adjuncts Unite!

In a recent response to Tony’s piece describing the "three gifts of tenure" that I posted on LinkedIn (in my Sociology of Education group) a commenter said this: "The treatment of adjuncts is a national crime perpetrated on our education system and the unsuspecting public. Adjuncts receive about a third of the salary/benefits for the same … Continue reading Adjuncts Unite!

R.I.P. Sociology

It’s the holidays and I’m feeling nostalgic, thinking about this time 14 years ago when I was just finishing up my first semester at CSU, Chico. I was a 34-year old college junior and a first generation college student. Today I was looking for a beef stew recipe in the Joy of Cooking and I came … Continue reading R.I.P. Sociology

The Truth About Police

Another unarmed Black man died at the hands of law enforcement on Thursday night. The NYC Police Commissioner was quick in calling the incident an "unfortunate tragedy" at the same time that the mainstream press has included that the officer was a "rookie" in most of their headlines. Akai Gurley, the 28-year old Brooklyn victim … Continue reading The Truth About Police

Resources, Resources, Resources!

We are updating our links and resources here on Give this link a click, and check out what's new. I've added some sociology into the mix but we'd love to hear from you, our readers. What kind of resources are you looking for on our website? Please give us your feedback and your links! … Continue reading Resources, Resources, Resources!

If These Halls Could Talk

In spring 2010 director Lee Mun Wah asked me to co-facilitate a documentary he was shooting that summer titled, If These Halls Could Talk. I remember the day well, it was spring break and I was at home, a tired teacher sitting in the sun outside when the phone rang. I was a fan of Mun Wah's … Continue reading If These Halls Could Talk

La Crueldad del Hombre

Is art ethnographic? Art and visual representation cut across the disciplines but is especially suited for sociological and anthropological inquiry. Art tells us a story about our practices and beliefs and we find ourselves in what we and others create. It also reflects us back to ourselves, sometimes we like it but if it's really good, … Continue reading La Crueldad del Hombre

Dollhouses of Doom

    Happy Halloween from! Nothing says Halloween like this series of photos featuring post-apocalyptic dioramas by photographer Lori Nix. My favorites are the library (of course) and the laundromat at night.

How Working at a Community College is Like Working Retail

Originally published at in October 2011   Expectations are a pain in the ass. There’s an old saying, “plant an expectation, reap a disappointment.”  Yep I did it, planted and am now disappointed. I teach Sociology at a rural community college; I love teaching, but I don’t love that adjunct teachers like me are … Continue reading How Working at a Community College is Like Working Retail

Money Changes Everything: The Ascent of Walter White

"I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it, and I was alive.” –W.W. I had to wait until the finale of Breaking Bad but at last, Walter White admitted that he was in to the meth cooking for the money. I’ve been frustrated since season 3, by that time the whole, … Continue reading Money Changes Everything: The Ascent of Walter White

White-trash Beaner (to my 11-year old confused self)

  Grama says I’m Indian. Mama says my dad was “A Mexican” and that if he really loved me like “Mexican daddies do,” he woulda found me by now. Grama says we’re Indian, mama says ‘no.’ Sis calls me a “wetback” and a “beaner” (“mom said it all the time”) brother teases me about getting … Continue reading White-trash Beaner (to my 11-year old confused self)